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Vintech RCAM 8


  • Performs monitoring and management of the preparation process of orders for true shape nesting,
  • automatic and interactive creation of true shape nesting, with advancet thermal and water-jet cutting technology,
  • programming of CNC machines for laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, water-jet and other cutting types.

The implementation of CAM system Vintech RCAM 8 leads to:

  • Transparent and controllable production process based on orders for true shape nesting,
  • economy of metals and other resources,
  • increase in the productivity and load of the equipment,
  • achievement of constant and high quality of the produced parts,
  • high quality programming of CNC machines for laser, plasma, oxy-fuel and water jet cutting.

Configuration of Vintech RCAM 8

The standard package includes:

  • Vintech RCAM-Manager - System for management of orders for true shape nesting,
  • Vintech RCAM-Pro - CAM system for true shape nesting and NC programming,
    • Library Vintech rSales - pricing and offering,
  • Vintech NCV - System for verification of NC programs for thermal and jet cutting.

The aforementioned CAM system licenses can work as integrated, under the control of Vintech RCAM-Manager, as well as independently as individual CAM systems.

Vintech RCAM 8 is created around a unified SQL Data Base for parts, specifications, orders, jobs, projects, nesting layouts, NC programs and design products, catalogues and settings.

* Order (or workshop shedule) in the trueshape nesting is a listing of parts with different material grades and thicknesses, with variable types of thermal cutting.

*Job is a listing of parts that have the same material, thickness, production term and thermal cutting type.

Characteristics of Vintech RCAM-Manager

Vintech RCAM-Manager - monitoring of the order process lifetime. Management and storage of information about:

Bill of materials

(or lists, orders, products, assemblies, workshop schedules, enquiries about true shape nesting)

  • Specifications of parts from different material grades, thickness's and processing types for true shape nesting,
  • import and conversion of CAD part's geometry - for single parts, multi-parts and multitudes of parts,
  • import of multiple parts from a single file, using CAD splitter,
  • import of part specifications and geometry from CSV listings,
  • preliminary prices and offers.



(or workshop schedules)

  • Management of production orders for true shape nesting, of parts in conditions: registered, started, stopped, archived,
  • creation of orders from internal or external specifications, while enabling the mixing of parts,
  • automatic creation of (nesting) jobs in an order,
  • automatic or interactive selection of machine and processing technology for each job,
  • automatic or interactive selection of sheet blanks for job, including usable remnants,
  • automatic true shape nesting for chosen subset or all of the jobs; nesting using Vintech RCAM-Pro for each separate Job from an order,
  • management of changes in orders, jobs and nesting layouts,
  • constant traceability of parts from orders in nesting layouts,
  • generation of NC programs and reports; Verification of single or all NC programs on a job,
  • generation of precise calculations and reports of labour, sheet blanks and production time.

Characteristics of Vintech RCAM-Pro

CAM system Vintech RCAM-Pro:

  • Rapid and easy nesting data preparation,
  • import, testing and conversion of CAD data for parts and multi-parts,
  • automatic and interactive, true shape and pattern nesting, with online control against overlapping,
  • multi-sheet nesting over whole sheets and usable remnants,
  • automatic creation of processing technologies, with the use of Technology Knowledge Base (TKB),
  • trajectories with optimization, according to the type and length of the contours, with online control against overlapping,
  • automatic and interactive solutions of special true shape nesting problems such as: common cutting, chain cutting, circumscribing parts with cutting paths, cutting with bridges, cutting with “frame” repositioning of the sheet, cutting with control of variable parallel torch count and spacing and others,
  • optimisation of the cutting sequence, with account for part-by-part and levels of insertion, automatic control of “islands” of uncut paths resulting from common cutting or cutting cutting with bridges,
  • creation of nesting layouts with bevel cutting. Allows for programming of any bevel type, including variable,
  • reports and documents in HTML, PDF and DXF formats, for a separate layout or for all layouts in project,
  • generation of NC programs with open and setable postprocessors, in ISO/EIA, ESSI and other command systems.

Characteristics of Vintech NCV

Vintech NCV is purposed for verification of NC programs and packets of programs created in Vintech RCAM.


  • Verification NC programs:
    • graphical simulation of ESSI and ISO/EIA NC programs,
    • relation between NC commands and moves in the graphical simulation,
    • verification of NC programs containing sub-programs in absolute and relative coordinates with translation and rotation of the sub-programs,
    • direct editing of NC programs,
    • tracking of program registers and calculation of the amount of the pierce points, time and distances for cutting and rapid moves,
    • creation of technological draft of the NC program in PDF format and the specification in HTML format.
  • Loading of NC programs from and to the CNC controller trough a serial DNC interface. Control of the DNC interface from the CNC controller (Linatrol, Burny, Mazatrol, Amada and others).
  • Conversion of ISO/ESSI NC programs into AutoCad DXF format.

System requirements and localizations

  • The Vintech RCAM 8 CAM system works in the environment of Microsoft Windows 10/8[.1]/7,

  • The CAM system are localized in English , Bulgarian , Spanish and Russian languages. There are no limitations for the localization language in the system.

  • The licenses are activated by a hardware key - WIBUBox/U+. The key is installed in a USB port of a local computer or file server in the factory's network.

    • The license of Vintech RCAM-Manager is local within the bundle of Vintech RCAM 8. For concurrent use it is required to purchase Vintech RCAM-Manager Server.

    • The license of Vintech RCAM-Pro and Vintech NCV are sold only with network licenses.

    The network licenses enables the installation of those CAM systems on multiple workplaces connected in a network, while the number of simultaneously working users is the number of owned licenses.