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Vintech RCAM-Duct


  • Management of orders and organization of CNC production,
  • design of unfolds for parts of ducts using a library of parametric macro programs for rectangular, round and conical fittings, with control of the assembly and installation technology,
  • true shape nesting and NC programming,
  • pricing and quotation for order.


The bundle includes:

  • Vintech RCAM-Duct – CAD/CAM system for design through parametric macro's, for true shape nesting, NC programing and pricing of orders for unfolds of HVAC components,
  • functionality for true shape nesting and NC programming, based on Vintech RCAM-Pro,
  • Vintech NCV – verifier of NC programs for thermal cutting,
  • Library Vintech rDuct – rectangular, round and conical fittings and transitions between them,
  • Library Parametric parts,
  • Library Vintech rSales – pricing and quoting.

Common characteristics

Controls each stage of the production preparation process – from creating the order for elements of HVAC systems (fittings) to CNC production of the corresponding unfolds:

  • In a simplified manner designs fittings while regarding the installation, the technological and user requirements for creation of unfolds and their parts,
  • controls the order execution flow and presents advanced means for control of changes,
  • stores information for the parts of every order. Knows the state of every single part,
  • automatically prepares nesting jobs for each order and generates results. With the press of a button Vintech RCAM-Duct:
    • does automatic multi-sheet nesting and creates a nesting project,
    • writes a package of NC programs prepared for sequential load into the CNC controller of the machine, through a DNC interface or a local network,
    • on a dedicated printer prints labels for the parts in the order of cutting,
    • prints a listing of nesting layouts in the order of cutting,
  • Quotes an order and calculates the prices by area, or weight, perimeter and time,
  • allows edit of nesting projects from the order with Vintech RCAM,
  • Vintech RCAM-Duct has the standard for the Vintech RCAM systems part import from CAD files in DXF, SVG, DSTV and ESSI formats. Thus, with Vintech RCAM-Duct it is not only possible to process orders for fittings, but also orders for other sheet parts.

Libraries of fittings Vintech rDuct

Vintech RCAM-Duct includes libraries of parametric rectangular, round and conical air duct fittings and transitions between them.

The system also includes the standard for Vintech RCAM parametric library of flat parts.

Each fitting from the library is selected visually. The geometrical parameters of the fittings are entered directly in the dimensions of the draft.

The unfolds are created automatically without the need of a CAD system.

Main functions of the unfold libraries:

  • Definition of fitting through input of parameters or trough selection from the catalogue of the fitting,
  • automatic decomposition of a fitting to unfolded parts,
  • compensation of elongation of contraction of bended parts,
  • automatic input of marking information for each part,
  • automatic placement of technological slits throughout the contour of the unfolded parts,
  • creation of a catalogue with already defined fittings.

Specific characteristics

  • Limits maximally the incorrect actions with the system,
  • when quantity, dimensions or parameters of a fitting are updated, automatically reconstructs the unfolds and updates quantities of the altered parts,
  • works in mm or inch and gauge. Supports materials in kg or lb,
  • accounts for the the requirements of the HVAC ducts production. Allows the definition of:
    • type and size of connections/flanges,
    • type and size of seams,
    • number or pieces, at which to divide a big part to,
    • type and dimensions of slits,
    • marking type - with labels or directly on the part with ink-jet printer.
  • Supports types and dimensions of seams and connections in the system datasets,
  • allows the use of user defined seams and connections.

NC programs and documents

  • Vintech RCAM-Duct allows Universal (integrated) or external (Python program) adjustable postprocessors for generation of NC programs for CNC machines for thermal cutting, and:
    • generates NC programs in ISO/EIA and ESSI command systems,
    • allows the creation of NC program for marking and cutting of texts,
    • allows the creation of packets of NC programs.
  • Using a serial DNC interface integrated into Vintech NCV allows loading NC programs into CNC controllers:
    • loads sequentially NC programs in the order of processing,
    • allows the user to choose and load for processing a single sheet or part from the packet.
  • Generates documents from the current job in HTML, DXF and PDF formats. When needed, the listings follow the order of cutting of the layouts and parts in order. Vintech RCAM-Duct generates:
    • nesting layout listing file,
    • label listing file,
    • documents for quotation of the order,
    • variable technological and organizational documents.

System requirements ans localizations

  • The Vintech RCAM-Duct CAM system works in the environment of Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / 8 ,
  • The CAM system are localized in Bulgarian , English , Russian and Spanish languages. There are no limitations for the localization language in the system.
  • Licenses: The licenses are activated by a hardware key - WIBUBox/U+. The key is installed in a USB port of a local computer or file server in the factory's network.
    • The license of Vintech RCAM-Duct is local.
    • Vintech RCAM-Pro and Vintech NCV are sold only with network licenses.

    The network licenses enables the installation of those CAM systems on multiple workplaces connected in a network, while the number of simultaneously working users is the number of owned licenses.