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Vintech RCAM-Pro


  • Automatic and interactive creation of true shape nesting, with advanced thermal and water-jet cutting technology,
  • programming of CNC machines for laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, water-jet and other cutting types.

The implementation of CAM system Vintech RCAM-Pro leads to:

  • Economy of metals and other resources,
  • Increase in the productivity and reduces the load of the equipment,
  • Constant achievement of high quality of the produced parts,
  • High quality programming of CNC machines for laser, palsma, oxy-fuel and water-jet cutting.

Configuration of Vintech RCAM-Pro

  • Vintech RCAM-Pro – CAM system for true shape nesting and NC programming,
  • Library Parametric parts,
  • Library Винтех rLaser – laser cutting technology,
  • Library Винтех rJet – water-jet cutting technology,
  • Library Винтех rAMT - variable torch count and spacing,
  • Vintech NCV – System for verification of NC programs for thermal cutting.


Optional Modules and Libraries

  • Module Vintech rBevel – bevel cutting technology,
  • Library Vintech rDrill – Drill-boring technology.
  • Library Vintech rSales – Pricing and offering on orders.


Quick and easy prepared data for design

  • input of parts into nesting job through import of geometry from CAD files or through integrated library of parametric parts,
  • definition of sheet blanks by input of dimensions or choice from dataset of sheet blanks,
  • selection of material from dataset of Materials and input of material thickness,
  • machine ad processing type selection from datasets.

Import, verification and transformation of CAD data into parts and multy-parts

  • Import of geometry from CAD files with DXF, SVG, ESSI and DSTV formats,
    • The input geometry can contain arcs, segments, ellipses, splines, point sets and texts,
    • automatic correction of geometrical defects in the part's model and visualization of the parts with remaining errors,
    • automatic recognition of the contour type in a part as: Outer, inner, hole, slit (open shape), geometry for marking and point sets,
    • change, inclusion and exclusion of processing types based on layer or colour of the input contours,
    • Selection of measurement units of the import geometry.
  • loads all parts from one DXF file containing geometry for multiple parts, without change of their mutual placement – as one multi-part,
  • allows selection and loading of particular parts for a DXF file containing multiple AutoCAD blocks,
  • automatically inputs quantities for the part, when the name of the containing file contains that information.

Provides user interface with extended capabilities for automatic and interactive control

  • Unique colouring of parts in nesting layout,
  • control of the design process trough job and nesting queue,
  • provides quick and easy access to the levels of the project through project navigator, project tree and galleries,
  • allows visualisation and control from the graphical area through nesting layout, parts and blocks galleries.
  • places “handles” for interactive nesting around every selected object. The selected object can be dragged with the cursor, while through the handles can be accessed the functions for rotation, mirroring, automatic attraction and dynamic reorientation, common cut nesting, matrix nesting and placement.
  • direct input of dimensions in the drafts of the parametric parts and plate blanks,
  • Undo for nesting, paths and routes,
  • visualization of placements of a part in multi-plate nesting.

Nests automatically or interactively, on whole blanks or usable remnants, with true shape or in a pattern, with on-line control against overlapping

  • Direct input of plate parameters, selection from available in the “Plate blanks” dataset or import of plate's geometry from CAD file,
  • pre-emptive definition of plate multitudes { plate limit} for nesting,
  • shortening and extension of plate at any time,
  • definition of dangerous zones for clamps,
  • calculation of usable remnants with rectangular or free shape, with options for cutting or chopping,
  • saving of usable remnants in “Plate blanks” dataset.

Automates the creation of cutting technologies by using a Technology Knowledge Base (TKB)

Every cutting type – laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, water-jet or mechanical has its own specifics and requirements. The cutting technology depends on the physical and chemical processes inside the cut, the type and thickness of the material and the type of the processed contour.

  • Vintech RCAM stores the specific technology knowledges as tables of rules within its datasets, held in the SQL database of the system had called Technology Knowledge Base (TKB). Datasets for Machines, Carriages, Tools, Gases, Postprocessors, Types and Grades of materials, Producers, Processing technologies, Plate blanks, Technology tables and others are maintained.
  • Vintech RCAM uses TKB to decide and apply the Processing technology to the project based on machine, material grade and thickness and the processing type,
  • The datasets and the technology parameters are always accessible for overview and editing. The user can change a technology parameter assigned by the system at any time.
  • Automatic correction of kerf, cutting mode and postprocessor can be made using the functions for change of Cutting technology.

Path optimization in accordance with the type and the length of the path, with online control against overlapping

Advanced tools which automatically or interactively create:

  • Ins/Outs(including in corners)and gaps,
    • dragging of In/Out or Gap along a path,
    • change of slope and length of In/Out using “handles”,
    • change of In and Out types using “halos“.
  • cutting with bridges,including corner bridges and negative bridges,
  • chain cutting,
  • loops and sharp corner operations,
  • cutting paths of parts nested on the edge of the plate,
  • path for accurate plasma cutting of holes,
  • paths with In from neighbouring path,
  • pseudo-bridges with leading line
  • processing with preliminary piercing,

Optimization of the route of rapid moves by accounting for the part in part and levels of insertion

  • Automatic or Interactive creation of the path of the rapid moves for cutting parts with “wave”, “Z”, spread, backwards and other optimization types,
  • partial and complete routes,
  • rapid moves with activated height control,
  • route tracing.

Automatic and interactive solutions to the special problems of true shape nesting

  • Common cuts: by pairs, in matrix of rectangular parts, in multitudes of variable parts,
  • Collision avoidance, by reorientation of Ins/Outs according to the order of shape processing,
  • Nesting map with a sole continuous cut and start from the plate edge,
  • Pseudo-bridges over common cuts,
  • Technologies for processing by frames (with repositioning),
  • Slicing of scrap skeleton,
  • Cutting of gaps after the main processing,
  • Transformation of rapid moves to cutting paths for continuous cut with circumventing,
  • Paths for vector marking or engraving with a cutting or special tool,
  • Marking with a raster or text marking head.

Generation of reports and documents

  • Writes documents in HTML, PDF and DXF formats, for a separate layout or all layouts in a project.

Generates NC programs in ISO/EIA, ESSI and other command systems

  • Universal or external postprocessor, produces NC programs in ISO/EIA, ESSI and other command systems,
  • Creation of NC programs for all thermal cutting types, water-jet cutting, bevel cutting and drill-boring processing with tool change from tool magazine, cutting with tangential knife, vector and text marking,
  • NC programs with automatic control of the cutting modes,
  • Verification of NC programs for thermal cutting with simulation of the code.

Module Vintech rАМТ

The Vintech rAMT module is part of Vintech RCAM-Pro. It is purposed for true shape nesting and programming of CNC machines with Plasma or Oxy-fuel machines with variable count and spacing between the cutters (Advanced Multy Torch).

The module allows for:

  • Nesting layouts with automatically or interactively nested groups of parts for parallel processing,
  • Cutting paths and route of the rapid moves,
  • Visualization and tracing of parallel processing,
  • Creation of NC programs with control of the separate parallel heads relative to the main one.

Library Vintech rBevel

  • Purposed for plasma and oxy-fuel, CNC controlled bevel cutting,
  • nesting layouts with bevel cutting,
  • programming of bevels, without limitations, including variable ones.

Library Vintech rDrill

  • Purposed to create technologies for drill-boring processing of holes, usually combined with thermal cutting,
  • complex processing of staged bores over flat parts,
  • support of library with drill-boring tools and the relevant processing modes,
  • sequence of the tools in the tool magazine set by the NC program.