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Vintech NCV

Vintech NCV verifies NC programs and NC program packages for thermal and water-jet cutting.



Vintech NCV generates a graphic simulation of the processing path of ESSI and ISO / EIA NC programs, and:

  • checks for correspondence between NC commands and the paths of the graphic simulation,
  • verifies NC programs with subroutines in absolute or relative coordinates, with translation or rotation of the subroutines
  • allows direct editing of NC programs,
  • uses CNC machines profiles to verify programs with different structure and format,
  • monitors program registers and calculates the number of pierce points, the time and distance for rapid and cutting moves,
  • creates a technological sketch of the NC program in PDF format and specification in HTML.

Vintech NCV loads NC programs and NC program packages in the CNC controller via serial DNC interface.
Allows management of the DNC interface by the CNC controller (Linatrol, Burny, Mazatrol, Amada, etc.).

Vintech NCV  converts ISO/ESSI NC programs and saves the geometry in AutoCad DXF file format.

System requirements and localizations


The CAM system Vintech NCV  works in 64 or 32 bit mode, depending on the used operating system, which can be:

Microsoft Windows  10, 7

 Linux - Ubuntu v18.04 and v19.10, in native mode without emulation.

The CAM system is localized in English, Bulgarian  and Russian. There are no limitations for the localization language in the system.

The licenses are activated by a hardware key WIBUBox/U+. The key is installed in a USB port of a local computer or file server in the factory's network. The license of Vintech NCV is a network license.

The network license enables the installation of the CAM system on multiple workplaces, connected in the factory’s network, while the number of simultaneously working users is equal to the number of owned licenses.