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Vintech RCAM-Pro

Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 is a CAM system, specially designed for true shape nesting and programming of CNC machines for thermal and jet cutting of sheet parts.
The system has been developed for more than 20 years. It has accumulated technological experiance from parterships with manufacturers and users of wide range of CNC machines for thermal and other cutting types.

Vintech RCAM-Pro has proven itself and its security and reliability. It is used by production-oriented companies with serial or investment type of production, by technology-oriented companies with custom production, by metal warehouses or in repair workshops.


Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 is 64/32 bit software for Windows or Linux.

The CAM system is based on original algorithms for tight step-by-step nesting with optimisation and on-line control against overlapping, without shape or size restrictions of the working area and parts.

It automatically and interactively creates true shape nesting with advanced technology for thermal and jet cutting. It programs CNC machines for laser, plasma, oxy-fuel and water-jet, bevel and other cutting types.

Fig.1: Automatic nesting with variations and usable remnants. The variations highlighted in red are excluded

Vintech RCAM-Pro has user interface with integrated methods for nesting and processing technology management . It provides new standard for usability with Project navigator, 'Layouts', 'Blocks' and 'Parts' galleries, unique coloring of parts, wysiwyg visualization, undo, Project tree, interactive nesting with "handles", paths with "handles" and "halos", by dragging blocks and path elements.

The base configuration of Vintech RCAM-Pro is a fully-functional CAM system for programming of CNC machines for true shape nesting, which allows for:

  • import of geometry of the parts for nesting,

  • ,selection of a technological environment – machine, cutting type, plate blanks , grade and thickness of the material,

  • automatic and interactive nesting of parts and blocks,

  • application of the processing technology, based on the physical process of cutting,

  • гgeneration of NC programs and documents for processing,

  • calculation of processing duration, cost price and preparation of offers.

Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 can work under Vintech Manager and Vintech NES in systems for management of production orders for true shape nesting.

The Vintech RCAM-Pro bundle includes:

  • Vintech RCAM-Pro – CAM system for true shape nesting and NC programming,

  • Library Parametric parts,

  • Library Vintech rLaser – laser cutting technology,

  • Library Vintech rJet – water-jet cutting technology,

  • Library Vintech rPipe - parametric macro-parts for unfolds of pipe parts from cylindrical pipe connections.

  • Library Vintech rSales - Pricing and offering on orders,

  • Library Vintech rAMT - variable torch count and spacing,

  • Vintech NCV – System for verification of NC programs for thermal cutting.

Optional Libraries

  • Library Vintech rBevel – bevel cutting technology,

  • Library Vintech rDrill – Drill-boring processing technology,

  • Open database

    Vintech RCAM-Pro automates the creation of cutting technologies by taking into account the specifics and requirements of every cutting type - laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, water-jet or mechanical. It saves information accordingly to the ongoing physical and chemical processes inside the cut, the type and thickness of the material and the type of the processed contour. The system supports all repeatedly used information for nesting in the SQL database, which is hidden for the user (i.e. system support is not required). The information in the database is organised in accessible for overview and editing Datasets.

  • Technological Datasets
    Vintech RCAM-Pro supports specific technology knowledge in Technological Datasets for Machines, Carriages, Tools, Gases, Postprocessors, Types and Grades of materials, Producers, Processing technologies, Technology tables.
    Vintech RCAM-Pro uses the datasets to select and apply the processing technology to the project based on machine, material grade and thickness, processing type and length of the paths.

    Fig.2: Technological Datasets

  • Dataset 'Plate blanks'
    Supports the geometry and the attributive information for rectangular plates and usable remnants. In the dataset, the plates are organized by criteria: material, thickness, standard, shape – rectangular or complex. The plates can be imported in the dataset trough direct input, from CAD files or trough saving usable remnants from nesting layout.

  • Dataset 'Blocks'
    Supports nested groups of parts, organised by material, thickness, machine, energy source, tool and kerf. It is used in repetitive production of parts from the same product.

  • Datasets with norms for work and materials

    Supports normative data, which is necessary for pricing and creating offers in the datasets: Prices for materials and processing, Company details of customers and suppliers, Additional expenses, Delivery conditions, Settings for pricing.

  • Geometry Import

    Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 reads CAD files with DXF, DWG, SVG, ESSI or DSTV formats and imports CAD geometry for parts and multi-parts. The CAD geometry can contain arcs, segments, ellipses, splines, point sets and text. The system automatically corrects geometric defects and marks the parts with remaining errors. It recognises the contour type in the parts as: Outer, inner, hole, slit, geometry for marking and point sets. Allows manual change, inclusion and exclusion of processing types based on layer or colour of the input contours.

    • When one CAD file contains geometry for multiple parts, all parts are loaded, without change in their mutual placement – as one multi-part. When one DXF file contains multiple AutoCAD blocks – particular parts are loaded.

    • The measurement unit of the imported geometry can be selected during import.

    • When the name of the file or the AutoCAD block contains quantities, the parts are imported automatically in the nesting job with those quantities.

Fig.3: Import from DXF file trough CAD splitter – visualisation of all DXF blocks in the flie and selection of particular parts to be imported in the project

The library contains a variety of parametric parts. Each part opens a draft and by inputing dimensions and parameters a new part can be created in Vintech RCAM-Pro.

  • Project
    Vintech RCAM-Pro saves the data during the nesting process in a project file in a folder on the operating system.
    The system supports all needed data in the project file in order to provide access to the project for both the user that has created it and for a remote user of the system.

Fig.5: Job assigns the type and quantityof parts for nesting

Fig.6: Nesting queue defines the sequence of parts and blocks for nesting

  • Nesting management

To manage the design process the system uses Job, Nesting queue, Project navigator and Project tree. Each nested part can be individually selected from the project tree, from the job or from the nesting queue.
Galleries are used for general access: for all layouts and plates – gallery 'Project', for all parts – gallery 'Parts', for all blocks – gallery 'Blocks'.

  • Plates for nesting in project

    Vintech RCAM-Pro nests on whole blanks or usable remnants (UR). The plates are created with direct input of plate parameters, by selecting premade plates from 'Plate blanks' dataset or by importing geometry from CAD file. A limit for each plate can be defined. In one project it is possible to nest on preliminary set plate dimensions.
    The system intelligently controls the multiplicity of the plate/nesting layout. It can shorten and extend a plate at any time, define dangerous zones for clamps and calculate usable remnants with rectangular or free shape.

Fig.7: Input of plate dimensions in drafts

  • Nesting layouts Variants

Vintech RCAM-Pro can exclude layouts from the project, after which they become unusable and their parts are returned for nesting. Vintech RCAM-Pro can lock layouts, after which they are uneditable and their parts are not returned for nesting. Reports and NC programs can be generated for the locked and excluded layouts.

Fig.8: “Handles” for a group of selected parts nested in holes

  • Interactive nesting tools

Around the selected for interactive nesting objects, the system places “handles” of functions for nesting: continuous and step-by-step rotation,mirroring, control of nesting in a pattern, automatic attraction and dynamic reorientation, common cut nesting.

  • Creating technology at any time
    Distinctive characteristic of Vintech RCAM-Pro is that the Processing technology for the whole layout or for a part of it can be created or removed at any time . It is possible to nest parts without creating technology and then to create the cutting technology before generating the NC program. It is also possible to preliminarily create the technology for each part and to nest part instances with that technology.

  • Nesting

    Vintech RCAM-Pro nests with high efficiency. It uses algorithms for tight step-by-step nesting and on-line control against overlapping, which does not allow nesting an object on top of already nested ones.
    The system has an extended functionality for automatic or interactive nesting.
    Vintech RCAM-Pro allows interruption of the automatic nesting, interactive action and resumption of the automatic nesting, at any moment.

  • Automatic tight nesting
    For certain angular positions , the system optimises, finds place and orientation of a part or a block on the plate and then nests it tightly to the already nested objects. Automatic nesting is performed in the order, set in the nesting queue and with the quantities, set in the job, on top of a single or multiple plates, until the allowed plates or the parts in the job are expended.

  • Unlimited part-in-part nesting
    Vintech RCAM-Pro nests parts in a hole of another part. When there is free space for nesting it on the plate and in a hole, the system will choose to nest in the hole. The nesting levels are unlimited. Nesting in all holes or only in small holes can be forbidden through settings.

  • Flexible interactive nesting
    In interactive mode the nesting can be with true shape or in a pattern, controlled by the “handles”.
    The objects that are already nested or still waiting in the nesting queue, can be chosen for interactive nesting. Using the cursor they can be dragged, pushed or manipulated until they come closer to the desired position on the plate. After dropping them, the algorithms for on-line control against overlapping, nest them tightly to the already nested objects on the plate.

  • Special methods for nesting
    Vintech RCAM-Pro provides functions which take into account the characteristics of the CNC machines like: nesting on the edge of the plate; common cut nesting; parallel nesting with fixed spacing between the cutters and additional nesting after the parallel nesting; parallel nesting with variable spacing and cutters count .

  • Working with blocks

    Vintech RCAM-Pro includes a large number of functions for working with groups of nested parts, with or without technology, called blocks.

    Fig.9: Automatic nesting using blocks – variant 1

    Blocks can be used as they have been created or they can be broken and finished on the spot. Blocks are used everywhere in the system.
  • Cutting paths and route of rapid moves
    Vintech RCAM-Pro provides unique tools for paths and route control.

    • Cutting path  is the path of the jet, which walks on a separate contour from a part in a way, set from the Processing technology. Vintech RCAM-Pro knows which contours are outer, inner, holes, slits, which paths are marked (or engraved), and also which points are for centring. The system creates paths automatically or interactively, with on-line control against overlapping, in correspondence with material, thickness, contours' type and length.

    • Route of Rapid moves is the order of the processing of separate paths in a part and in a nesting layout.

  • Automatic and interactive creation of paths
    Vintech RCAM-Pro uses the information from the Technological Datasets in order to create paths. The system finds space for the path elements, so that they do not overlap neighboring objects, using the on-line control against overlapping. It creates:

    • Lead-Ins/Outs; Tags; Loops and sharp corner operations,

    • paths with control of speed and acceleration in corners (with or without small radius),

    • paths for marking and engraving,

    • path for accurate plasma cutting of holes, when the plasma source allows turn-off control.

    • chain cutting with circumventing.

  • Interactive creation of paths

    • common cuts,

    • cutting with bridges, including corner bridges and negative bridges,

    • paths of parts nested on the edge of the plate,

    • paths with “buttonholes” for Lead-In from neighboring path

    • “padlocs” on the path

    • pseudo-bridges with leading line, including on top of common cuts,

Fig.10.1: Leading line with phantoms for chain cutting and Lead -Ins/Outs

Fig.10.2: Automatically built chain cutting

Fig.10.3: Leading line and phantoms of negative corner bridge

Fig.10.4: Automatically built leading line and phantoms of negative corner bridge

  • Interactive editing

Changes the place of Lead-In/Out or Tag by dragging along the path, edits the slope and lenght of Lead-In and Lead-Out by dragging the relevant „handles“, changes the type of Lead-In/Out using „halos“.

Fig.12: Dragging, “handle”, “halo” and open “halo” of Lead-In/Out and Tag

  • Creation of route
    Vintech RCAM-Pro provides advanced features for automatic and interactive work with rapid moves:

    • rapid moves routing with “wave”, z-shaped, dispersed, backward route and other optimisation types,

    • work with partial and full routes,

    • takes into account the part by part and levels of insertion,

    • rapid moves management with activated height control,

    • route tracing.

  • Copying technologyfrom parts with technology on nested parts without technology, regardless of the angular orientation.

    • Maintening powerful functions for transfer of NC programs between different types of machines.
      Vintech RCAM-Pro allows automatic change of machine, cutting conditions, technology, kerfandpostprocessorin the project at any time.

  • Automatically and interactively solve special tasks for true shape nesting, such as:

    • common cuts: by pairs, in matrix of rectangular parts, in multitudes of variable parts,

    • collision limiting, by reorientation of Lead-Ins/Outs according to the order of contour processing

    • creating nesting layouts with continuous cutting and lead-in from the edge of the plate

    • creating technologies for processing by frames (with repositioning) for plates longer than the work stroke of the machine.

    • slicing the scrap skeleton,

    • cutting of tags after the main processing,

    • transformation of rapid moves into cutting paths for chain cutting with circumventing.

      Fig.14: Chain cutting with automatic circumventing. Yellow lines indicate cutting paths

      Fig.13: Common cuts of random details. Blue lines indicate rapid moves yellow lines indicate cutting paths.
  • Generate reports and documents

    • Creatign HTML, PDF and DXF documents for a snigle layout or all layouts in the project.

  • Generate NC programs in ISO / EIA, ESSI and other command systems
    Vintech RCAM-Pro creates NC programs:

    • for all thermal cutting types, water-jet cutting, bevel cutting and drill-boring processing with tool change from tool magazine, cutting with tangential knife or band, vector and text marking,

    • with automatic control of cutting conditions,

    • using universal or external postprocessor.

Thermal cutting solutions


Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 has advanced functionality for programming modern laser cutting machines with specific technological tables for the type of machine. Creates nesting and cutting technology with a wide range of features for laser processing, taking into account material, thickness, type and length of the contour. Programs cutting, cleaning and engraving. Generates NC code with rotation and translation of subprograms.

Fig.15: Programming of laser cutting and engraving of complex detail.

Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 has advanced functionality to program machines for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. It can nest and create cutting technology for plasma cutting of thin metals and for oxy-fuel or plasma cutting for thick metals. Programs thermal cutting combined with dust, impact or jet marking, plasma etching or pre-drilling with size tool.

Generates NC code, including automatic gas consoles and programmable plasma sources.

Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 creates bevels and NC programs for plasma and oxy-fuel bevel cutting through the optional library Vintech rBevel.

Fig.15.1: Parts – right and bevel layout - left

The library provides flexible tools for creating nesting layouts with bevel cutting. Through it, interactively can be created and managed:

  • single and complex, constant and variable bevels and chamfers on whole contours or parts of contours, without limitations,

  • technology for bevel paths, according to the capabilities of the CNC machines, the bending head and the tracking system,

  • specific path elements, including Technology Points for auxiliary bevel cutting functions management,

  • different types of processing around sharp edges: with different paths, loop, rounding, sweep, point; of edges at external and internal paths,

  • angular transitions between similar or different paths between bevel and vertical paths

Fig.15.2: Part with complex bevels: project(up) and test part(down)

  • Provides advanced capabilities for control of dimensional accuracy in bеvel parts, using NC program or CPU controller.
  • Creates NC programs for bevel cutting with different bevel heads with 4 and 5 - axis control with movements on axis XYCA, XY45 ° CA, XYAB, XYZAB.

Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 creates technology for drill-boring processing of holes combined with thermal cutting using the optional library Vintech rDrill:

  • Defines complex processing of step holes, on flat parts.

  • Supports drill-boring tools and relevant processing conditions,

  • Asigns the order of the tools from the NC program in the tool magazine.

  • Creates NC programs for combined thermal cutting and drill-boring processing with change of tool from the tool magazine.

Vintech RCAM-Pro creates a geometry of an unfold of a part from a pipe connection by executing a parametric macro-part from the Vintech rPipe library, and:

  • shows a 2D general arrangement draft, a draft of the unfold and a 3D image of the processed part,

  • creates structural elements, such as slots and assembly markers on the unfold; the unfold takes into account how the connection is assembled,

  • using the Single pipe macros the system creates matrix-nested round or rectangular openings on a pipe part.

  • Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 creates true shape nesting and NC programs for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting machines with the functionality of changing the number of parallel cutting torches and the distance between them (Advanced Multy Torch) using the module Vintech rAMT:

  • Creates nesting layouts with automatically or interactively positioned groups of parts for parallel processing.

  • Creates cutting paths and route of rapid moves.

  • Visualises and traces parallel processing.

Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 defines prices from the nesting layouts in the project and creates commercial documents using the library Vintech rSales.

The library accurately calculates the spent metal and time based on the cutting, marking and cleaning program, and distributes them by details, layouts, nesting jobs and orders.

It calculates cost based on norms from datasets for:

  • lenght or time for procesing,

  • weight (or area) of the parts in the order, usable remnants, remnants in the order and waste scrap.

In the calculations the system adds profit or discount, additional costs and factory expenses.


  • commercial documents such as invoice or offer,

  • document sets, such as list of plates and usable remnants, nesting layouts, specifications or other reports.

It allows the documents to be generated for sales:

  • in national currency, with or without VAT,

  • in foreign currency, in multiple languages.

Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 is successfully used for programming: combined thermal cutting with dimensional punching processing, water-jet cutting, cutting with tangential knife (knife cutting), cutting with tangential band(polyurethane foams cutting), 2D contour milling (CNC routers).

System requirements and localizations


The CAM systems Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 and Vintech NCV work in 64 or 32 bit mode, depending on the operating system used, which can be:

  • Microsoft Windows 10/8[.1]/7,

  • Linux, in native mode without emulation.

The CAM systems of Vintech are localized in English , Bulgarian and Russian . There are no limitations for the localization language in the system.

The licenses are activated by a hardware key WIBUBox/U+. The key is installed in a USB port of a local computer or file server in the factory's network. The license of Vintech RCAM-Pro and Vintech NCV are network licenses.
The network licenses enable the installation of those CAM systems on multiple workplaces, connected in the factory's network, while the number of simultaneously working users is equal to the number of owned licenses.