+359 52 757221  |  sales@vintech.bg

Warranty support

Warranty support is performed during the VINTECH CADCAM's working hours via:

+359 52 757221


:  on preliminary arrangement,

:  vintech

-to- internet connection,

or at any time on VINTECH CADCAM support website: www.vintech.bg/support/


During the period of warranty support, the user is entitled to the following warranty services:

Consultations for installation and uninstallation of license,

Opportunity to register any remarks about the work of the system and to sent proposals for development,

Opportunity for the registration and removal of failures,

Opportunity for update to the latest versions of the purchased license,

Access to the support website for self-training with flash movies "how to do this".

These options apply to registered users whose registration cards have been completed and submitted to VINTECH CADCAM.