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Paid support

The paid support is an after-warranty support service with one year duration for the licenses of Vintech Products.

The Paid support includes update to the latest version of the purchased license.
Within this service and if necessary, VINTECH CADCAM updates Postprocessors and TDB free of charge.

The user receives technical support during VINTECH CADCAM's working hours via:

+359 52 757221


:  on preliminary arrangement,

:  vintech

-to- internet connection,

or at any time on VINTECH CADCAM support website: www.vintech.bg/support/

During the paid support service the user has the right to receive the base warranty support, and the following additional services:

expert help for solving a particular problem,

one day training, after a prior arrangement is made,

consultation on questions related to the functionality of the system.

The Paid support service gives additional comfort for update planning.

The service is available only if the previous warranty period expired less than one month ago.