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Demo Vintech RCAM 11

Demo Vintech RCAM 11 is a fully functional version developed for acquainting and educating with Vintech RCAM 11 CAM system.

The system works on 64-bit Windows 10. It is recommended to run it on a computer with a multi-core processor and 8GB RAM at least.

Demo Vintech RCAM 11 is a implementation of VINTECH where parallel calculations for automatic nesting are used. The acceleration is significant when nesting parts with complex contours.

The system has the functionality of the trade version but it cannot save the results in a file, i.e. this Demo version does not save NC programs, reports, projects and it does not export CAD geometry as well.

It is possible to include the following libraries in the DEMO version: W x H in grid, for visualization the parts dimensions in the tables.

The functionality for Nesting Orders Database is disabled in Demo Vintech RCAM 11.

The Demo version opens projects of Vintech RCAM 11. If the Vintech rBevel library for bevel cutting and the Vintech rDrill library for drilling, boring were enabled when saving a project, then the projects cannon be open.

After installation in folder „System C”:\Program Files\Vintech\Demo RCAM11\Work\ are added nesting projects, that can be reviewed and the work in them can be repeated. For this purpose they can be restored to their initial state for nesting by deleting the nesting queue and the plates.

Demo Vintech RCAM 11 allows importing and removing parts from the nesting job, changing their quantities, setting custom dimensions of the plate blanks, loading nesting of Usable Remnants, changing cutting parameters, etc.

Demo Vintech RCAM 11 is fully functional for geometry import – from DXF, SVG, ESSI and DSTV, and in case you have installed TeighaFileConverter of ODA (www.opendesign.com) – DWG. On-line import from Solid Edge, from KOMPAS-3D and from KOMPAS-Graphic is possible (in case the respective CAD systems are installed).

The installed Demo version includes sample Technological Datasets Bases for laser cutting, for oxy-fuel cutting machines and two types of plasma cutting machines. The data in all datasets can be edited. The functions for saving datasets as XML files are disabled.

Demo Vintech RCAM 11 includes all special functions that are developed for the trade version of Vintech RCAM 11, including working with multi-parts, processing to the material, processing with common cuts, collision avoidance, circumventing parts with cutting, measuring, etc.

The new functions in the trade version are available in the Demo version as well.

2 groups of Vintech RCAM projects are saved in folder – in millimetre and imperial measuring system. The files are with a prefix (mm) in the millimetre measuring system.

The results are ready nesting layouts, from which NC programs and technological documents cannot be generated in Demo Vintech RCAM 11.

Note:It is necessary to have high level of knowledge of the functionalities of automatic and interactive nesting of the system in order to develop optimal nesting for project (mm)plasma-4.rcam.

Download Demo Vintech RCAM 11

Important! Failures may occur in DEMO Vintech RCAM.