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Vintech Pipe

Vintech Pipe is an independent CAD/CAM system for NC programming of vertical cutting on pipe cutting machines for oxy-fuel or plasma cutting.

Pipe nesting with Vintech Pipe:

  • considers the specific particularities of various constructions of welded pipes,

  • considerably reduces the time needed for construction of pipe parts from pipe connections,

  • considerably reduces the time required for NC programming,

  • reduces the metal consumption with around 10% on average compared to NC programming with non-specialised systems.


The standard bundle includes licenses for:

  • Vintech Pipe – CAM system for true shape nesting and NC programming of 2D pipe cutting machines;
  • Library Vintech rPipe – parametric parts for pipe connections;

Vintech Pipe:

  • creates pipe parts by entering dimensions or by choosing from the Pipe blanks dataset,
  • assigns material by a selection from the Materials dataset and input of material thickness.
  • sets machine and processing type by a selection from dataset.

Vintech Pipe creates pipe geometry using the library Vintech rPipe:

  • the library includes parametric pipe macros for defining pipe connections, with no need of an external CAD system,
  • shows 2D general arrangement sketch, a sketch of the flat pattern and 3D image of the processed part,
  • creates structural elements on the flat pattern, such as slots and mounting markers; the flat pattern takes into account the assembly type of the pipe connection,
  • the system creates matrix-nested round or rectangular openings on a pipe part using the Single pipe macros.

Vintech Pipe imports pipe part geometry from CAD files in  DXF, DWG, SVG, ESSI and DSTV format.


  • Vintech Pipe creates multi-pipe nesting with different length of pipes with the same diameter and wall thickness.
  • Visualizes the pipe and pipe parts with their flat patterns,
  • Manages the project using job, in which pipe parts of relevant quantity are added,
  • Nests parts interactively using functions, such as rotation of part around its axis, axis shift and rearrangement.

Vintech Pipe uses the information stored in the Technological Datasets to create paths. The system finds place for the path elements, so they do not overlap neighboring objects, applying the on-line control against overlapping.

  • Automatically generates cutting paths, Lead-Ins/Outs of inner paths and bridges between parts, taking into account the resulting closed contours,
  • interactively manages path elements such as Lead-In – Lead-Out, gap, pseudo-bridge, bridge and transition for continuous cutting,
  • when needed calculates the value of the feed (F) for each cutting move, in accordance to the assigned contour cutting velocity,
  • automatically creates route for inner paths in part, interactively creates route between separate paths.
  • Generates NC programs in ISO/EIA, ESSI and other command systems;
  • Allows programming of pipe cutting processing in cylindrical or rectangular coordinate system,
  • Saves flat pattern geometry of a pipe part or nesting layout in DXF.
  • Generates specification and a nesting layout in HTML and PDF.

System requirements and localizations


The Vintech Pipe CAM system works in the environment of:

  • Microsoft Windows 10.
  •  Linux– Ubuntu, in native mode without emulation.

The Vintech Pipe CAM system is localized in English, Bulgarian and Russian. There are no limitations for the localization language in the system.

The license is activated by network hardware key WIBUBox/U+. The key is installed in a USB port of a local computer or file server in the factory's network.

The license of Vintech Pipe is a network license.

The network license enables the installation of the CAM system on multiple workplaces connected in a network, while the number of simultaneously working users is equal to the number of owned licenses.