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Cutting types

Laser cutting



Laser cutting of sheet material is a process in which contours are cut from sheet material (metal, plastic, wood, ..), using high energy laser beam and high-pressure gas jet.

The CNC machines for laser cutting use different cutting methods, depending on the material and the cutting gas, such as reactive cutting, vaporisation cutting and melt and blow (Fusion cutting). The used laser source can be CO2, solid-state (Nd: YAG), fiber laser or diode laser. The different machines can have different degree of automatic control of the processing process through the NC program.

Vintech RCAM-Pro can program, with high quality, all types of industrial laser cutting systems for sheet parts, including:
- Performing multi-plate automatic and interactive nesting,
- providing advanced tools for automatic and/or interactive menagement of the processing technology for parts with maximum complex contours,
- defining the cutting conditions according to the material grade and thickness, the contour type and the required processing quality.
- using whole plates and/or usable remnants for nesting,
- programming different processing types – cutting, engraving, evaporation,
- providing open-source Postprocessors, which can be used to generate NC programs with both a linear structure and with subroutines with translation and rotation.
- allowing NC program transfer from one CNC machine to another with a single press of a button.

Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 is completed with a pricing and offering module, with a module for precise time reporting and an NC program verification utility.

It is possible to upgrade Vintech RCAM-Pro 9 with Vintech Manager for management and monitoring of the process of preparing orders for true shape nesting.

Plasma cutting


applications-small-plasma-200x200.jpgVintech RCAM-Pro 9 programs all types of plasma cutting machines, without limitation on the type of the plasma source.

Provides advanced capabilities for programming the processing of both metals with normal thickness and thick metals,

Uses the Technological Datasets Base to automatically assign the processing according to the grade and thicknes of the material,

Provides advanced capabilities for applying special cutting technologies: special types of lead-ins/lead-outs; pre-piercing; chain cutting, including with circumventing; cutting with bridges, with pseudo-bridges; deviding a path into parts, and others.

Allows working with usable remnants (UR), taking into accound the margins on UR, defining a remnant to an order, slicing the scrap skeleton.

Manages test points for setting an NC program for cutting on an UR,

Creates pricing, taking into account orders and types of UR, scrap and burnout.

Verifies NC programs.

Oxy-fuel cutting


applications-small-oxy.jpgVintech RCAM-Pro v9 is used for programming all types of oxy-fuel cuttig machines: with manual piercing control, with automatic piercing control, with static parallel torches, with variable parallel torch count and spacing.

The system provides advanced capabilities for programming the processing of both metals with normal thickness and thick metals,

Uses Technological Datasets Base for programming the proccessing according to the grade and thickness of the material,

Provides features, specific for the oxy-fuel cutting, such as: Special types of lead-in/lead-outs; Pre-piercing; Cutting with common cuts; Chain cutting; Cutting with bridges, with pseudo-bridges; Deviding the path into parts, Reversing the dirrection of the path or of a part of it;

Allows working with usable remnants (UR), taking into account the margins on UR, defining a remnant to an order, slicing the scrap skeleton.

Creates nesting layouts for: Cutting parallel torches; Cutting a zone on zones; With variable parallel torch count and spacing (Advanced Multi Torch).

Manages test points for setting an NC program for cutting on an UR,

Creates pricing, taking into account orders and types of UR, scrap and burnout.

Verifies NC programs.

2D pipe cutting


applications-small-pipe.jpgVintech Pipe is used for cutting pipe parts from pipe blanks on oxy-fuel or plasma CNC machines. The programming is done in cartesian or polar coordinates.

A module for pipe connections, which performs parametric design of pipe parts, has been developed for the system.
The unfolds of pipe parts can be loaded through universal import of CAD files.



Bevel cutting

Plasma bevel cutting

applications-small-plasma-bevel-cutting.jpgThe bevel cutting is the most sophisticated technology for true shape nesting of sheet parts, in which the system for tracking the height from the plate during cutting is decisive.

The programming of tracking systems requires thorough knowledge of the problem area and significant practical experience.

Since 2005, VINTECH has been developing Vintech RCAM-Pro to program various bevel heads, equiped with capacitive, mechanical, voltage or laser tracking systems.
With the Vintech rBevel add-on module, it is possible to program any paths for bevels and chamfers with constant or variable bevel angles along the contour.

The module adds an extension for determining the bevel cutting parameters in the Technological Datasets Base.

Today Vintech RCAM-Pro is a proven profesional solution for programming of bevel cutting for true shape nesting.


Oxy-fuel bevel nesting

A capacitive, ultrasound or mechanical tracking of the height above the part is used for oxy-fuel bevel cutting for true shape nesting.

Mainly thick wall parts, with thickness greater than 50 mm are cut.

Vintech RCAM-Pro v9 provides advanced functions for designing cutting based on nesting layouts with constant and variable bevels and chamfers.

Features, which allow adjustment and processing of bevels and chamfers of a separate thick wall part, have been developed. For parts with greater thickness this working mode saves metal and in some cases the economy can reach 20% or more compared to cutting the same part with bevels in a nesting layout.

This cutting method is the only sure way to process thick wall parts with top and bottom chamfers and bevels.

Tangential knife cutting


applications-small-knife.jpgVintech RCAM-Pro is used for cutting non-metallic sheet parts with thicknesses of up to 1 or 2 mm on special cutting plotters. Vintech RCAM-Pro nests automatically with unlimited number of nesting levels.

The Vintech rKnife module is  developed for cutting deformable materials, such as foam, and it allows the creation of nesting layouts for cutting all parts with a lead-in from the edge (without piercing).


Water-jet cutting


applications-small-waterjet.jpgVintech RCAM-Pro is used successfully for programming water-jet cutting machines.

The Vintech rJet module provides tools for setting up the different qualities of the cut on a separate contour, and functions for management of speed and  acceleration according to the shape of the segments of the contour.

Vintech RCAM-Pro programs modern CNC water-jet cutting machines with compensation of the bevel of the cut.


Plasma cutting combined with drill-boring processing


applications-small-plasma-drill-200x200.jpgVintech RCAM-Pro v9 has advanced capabilities for managing the cutting technology for holes in sheet parts from nesting layouts.

The processing of pipe grids with thermal cutting combined with drill-boring processing at one set shortens the production cycle of similar parts from weeks to hours.

The combined processing dramatically reduces the impact of temperature deformations and internal stresses on the flatness of parts with multiple holes.

The Vintech rDrill module adds tools, regimes and processing sequences for through and steped, smooth and threaded holes, for milling of contours or stepped holes, for combining plasma cutting of a through hole with counterboring or boring of its steps, in the Technological Datasets Base

Plasma cutting of HVAC fittings


applications-small-duct.jpgVintech Duct is a specialised system that automates the production process for unfolds of HVAC fittings.

The system designs parts from airducts, using libraries with parametric macros for rectangular, cylindrical or conical fittings. It automatically takes into account the requirements of the assembly technology.

Vintech Duct performs automatic and interactive nesting, NC programming, manages orders and organises the CNC production.